Daily Newsletter | February 28, 2019
Spotify Expands in Asia With India Debut
The global streaming platform takes on Amazon, Google and Apple music in the subcontinent
Great Time to Build Tech Businesses in APAC says Singapore's Top Early-Stage VC Fund
Like other markets, capital will become more of a commodity and increasing competition will force investors to lift their game, which I think is a good thing for founders says David Gowdey of Jungle Ventures
Why AI and Humans Are Stronger Together Than Apart
They work together to double check for errors and help augment each others' capabilities
The Scalability Conundrum of Blockchain Networks
Scaling up is a real fear slowing the enterprise adoption of the technology. Is it really worth dreading?
Four Mantras to Startup Success
Successful entrepreneurs don't just focus on their product, service or solution-they also market their work
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