This webinar will help Franchise managers understand the key atiributes that help sustain franchise management. It will help in learning the know-hows of Franchising industry and the key ingredients it takes to run a strong franchising portiolio.
Webinar Highlights
This session will include the following highlights:
1. An overview on Franchising industry.
2. Knowledge sharing by Gaurav Marya, Chairman- Franchise India.
3. Guide to sustain Franchise management in the long run.
4. Recruiting the right set of candidates for franchise management.
5. Franchising management pre-requisites.
6. Franchising motivation and perseverance.
Eligibility Criteria
This webinar will be useful to professionals in the Franchising sector:
Branch and store owners/managers, Franchise operators, operations managers, logistics managers from industries including F&B, Healthcare, Retail, Education, SMEs etc.
Pre-requisites (if any)
Prior industry knowledge on subject matter will be beneficial, although not necessary.
Date: 12th July, 2018
Time: 3 - 3:45 pm IST
Duration: 45 minutes
At No Charge!