We Invite you to ‘TAKE CHARGE!, a 60 Mins Free Inspirational Webinar Session on ‘Building an Entrepreneurial Mindset’. It’s a 10 Part Webinar Series every Monday starting from 8th June to 10th August, where Mr. Gaurav Marya, Author of the bestselling book “ Take Charge!”, Visionary, Entrepreneur, Thought Leader, Business Advisor, Speaker, Chairman Franchise India Group will give 10 sure shot strategies for budding entrepreneurs
Successful entrepreneurs never think that they know it all. They are curious, eager to learn, motivated to improve their skills and never stop trying to become better. Here’s your chance to learn all about developing an “Entrepreneurial Mindset”. Join the inspirational talk show by Mr. Gaurav Marya, a great business advisor, thought leader and visionary speaker who will motivate you to “Take Charge” during the 10-part webinar series starting from 8th June (every Monday) 4 pm onwards with 10 sure-fire strategies that will let you develop positive attitude to lead you a successful life. Hurry up and register right now!
Entrepreneurship is an attitude - a mindset. It is the sense of responsibility that comes from the ownership of an enterprise. We are talking about intellectual and emotional ownership, not mere legal ownership. An entrepreneur mindset is about owning our dreams, our flights of fancy. We need to picture our castles-in-the-air completely, smell our khayali pulao, and then discover the means of making it come true. A big fantasy with a feasible action plan is vision.
The vision gives us the courage to own the risk and the generosity to share the rewards of our enterprise. When this vision engages the individual members of our team, a conviction runs through our enterprise. It is conviction and integrity that builds the dream team.
  • takecharge! is about owning a dream and making it a reality
  • takecharge! is about how to build a team that works for the vision of one that's shared by all.
  • takecharge! is about 10 Entrepreneur Mindset Strategies that will build excellence in enterprise
  • takecharge! is about the attitude that powered Vijay Kumar to tell Mr R K Gupta, "Meh paanch lakh ka sauda karne aaya hoon, aur meri jaib meh paanch phuti kaudiya bhi nahin hai (I have come to do a deal for five hundred thousand rupees, when I don't even have five busted bits in my pocket)" (Trishul, 1978)
  • takecharge! challenges the reader to demand more from the self and always look higher!
He has authored three bestselling titles on subjects dear to his heart and central to his business: TakeCharge! Building an Entrepreneur Mindset and Franchising: The Science of Reproducing Success and It Takes Two To Tango. More books are crystallizing in his mind.
The closest thing to a born entrepreneur, Gaurav Marya started his first enterprise at the age of 16. Over the years he has started and sold more than a dozen more. The businesses ranged from mobile phones, career advisory, restaurants to the entertainment business. It was at the age of 24 that he found the focus that allowed him to retain his variety of interests in a successful manner. During a trip to the US in 1998, he saw how franchising had impacted the business scene there. He recognized that franchising was the fastest way of building entrepreneurship. In 1999 Gaurav set up Franchise India, which is today the largest integrated franchise and retail solution company in Asia.
The first business that Gaurav started was a career counselling company. He was then a student in an engineering college. He never really completed his degree. The first business consulting he did was when he was 25 years old. He has always loved this aspect of the business. Gaurav is widely admired for his non-conformist operating style, direct and to-the-point style of rendering managerial advice, his intelligent interventions and vigorous marketing tactics and strategy. Over the years Gaurav has provided consulting and advisory services to over twenty-five thousand budding entrepreneurs with a focus on helping them select and meet the challenges of start-up businesses. He has been consulted by over 500 large and small corporations in making informed decisions about their business growth including Gitanjali Group, Emami, Videocon, Landmark Group, Tata Steel, Unilever India, Levi’s, 3M, HP, ITC, TVS and Mahindra Retail. He has assisted more than 50 international companies enter the Indian market.
Gaurav considers his greatest achievements to be his sustained engagements with small and medium enterprises that have grown into big entities. He derives immense satisfaction from being part of hundreds of success stories..
Date: Today – 10th August 2020 ( Part #10 – “If The Fun Is Gone, Change The Game” )
Time: 04:00 – 05:00 PM IST
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