Daily Newsletter | May 9, 2019
IoT Swinging its Magic Wand in the Payments World
How IoT is helping smoothening payments creases and assisting businesses & consumers with a hassle-free payments experience..Read more
What Did You Miss About the Indian Start-up Ecosystem This Week?
From attracting celebrity investors to getting another soon-to-be-unicorn, here is all that you could have missed from the Indian start-up ecosystem..Read more
TECH 25 
A Billionaire and his Battle for Food
Entrepreneur peels the layers to understand the persona beyond Zomato. Here are some Deep thoughts on the Secret Sauce of the decade and how Deepinder Goyal built the giant with 5000 Zomans..Read more
What Does the Underbanked Population Need?
Unbanked population in India offers a plethora of opportunities the only thing is to in cash those..Read more
Digital Gaming and Stress-Management in Today's World
Digital gaming requires a lot of concentration and strategy based games enable users to formulate various propositions to solve different missions, complete tasks, craft a winning hand, achieve goals..Read more
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