Franchise India brings to you ‘Business Opportunity OVER CHAI’, a 45 Mins Free Webinar Session to represent the brand 'Prince Paan' – Unquestionably the “One Stop Shop” for all the “Betel Exquisiteness” in india. It’s a unique platform where potential investors can come and digitally interact with the brand representative face-to-face, discuss business insights and impact of Covid-19.
About The Webinar
Date: 14th December 2020
Time: 12:00 – 12:45 PM IST
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Speaker/Brand Representative
  • Mr. Yash Tekwani & Mr. Prateek Tekwani
Hosted By Industry Experts
  • Mr. Gaurav Marya & Ms. Sonya Chowdhry
Webinar Agenda
  • Welcome - Introduction of Brand and Panellists
  • Brand Session – Brand Legacy, Business Model, Impact of Covid-19, Brief of Product/Services, Roll Out Plan, Reasons to become Franchise Partner, Comprehensive Support to Franchisees, Financial Facts, Exit Policy etc.
  • Q&A Session
  • Thank You Note
About the Brand
Prince Pan – India’s First PaanParlour/Café enjoys great legacy since 1965 in market .Originating from Indian Mythology to Ayurveda, travelling from Indian food culture to pacific countries, Paan has ruled not only the Indian culinary delight world but has also become inseparable part of any auspicious occasion .With the blink of an eye, the first name which comes to everyone mind is “Prince Paan.” Owing its roots to the ancient era of 1965, Prince Paan in GK 1 Delhi has evolved as on the eminent brand name in India.
Mr. Bhagwan Das Tekwani started the first shop in 1960 coming to India from Sindh post-Partition which was then called “Khoka in GK. Putting in diligent efforts and consistent hard work over so many years, he established “Prince Paan” as an unmatched brand until1980. Carrying forward the legacy, the secret recipe of the Prince Paan, Mr Yashtekwani from the second generation has till date ensured the high standard and transformed the “ubiquitiouspaankhoka” to the most sorts after brand with 9 stores all across in India.
Adding more glory and spark to this pan India presence, Mr Prateek tekwani from third generation has been more than successful in taking “Prince Paan” to a global platform by opening 2 stores in Thailand with his management skills acquired from London School of Management.
Allow us to accompany you on-board through our “Menu”
Walking hand-in hand with needs of a normal Indian customer, Prince Paan has varied range which caters to all the stratas of society, right from laborers working under the sun to the people travelling in the air-conditioned cars. An integral part of the Indian hospitality it has taken a limelight not only in all weddings, celebrations but also in Bollywood events. Once you enter the legendry shop of prince paan, the framed collage of Tekwani’s with celebrities Sridevi, shaking hands with Akshay Kumar, offering paan to Shah Rukh Khan and Lata Mangeshkar cannot be missed. Our presence with Ambanis, Munjals, the Bachchans, and Kapoors is a manifestation of our high quality and elite clientele. Prince Paan is moving ahead with an intended passion to provide best taste with quality products and hygienic environment. We want to meet the demand of customers for their daily food need with adding the flavor of Paan.
Yes, join us on-board and you get all the limelight.
Prince Paan Requires
Exerting the business management skills acquired from the management studies in London, Mr Prateek Tekwani speculates to carry forward the family legacy in an exclusive way. The prime focus remains on opening many more stores, better branding and turn our Paan shop into a global retail brand like many in the market. We proudly nurture the aim of creating master franchise with a central kitchen, which will be solely responsible for delivering fresh raw materials to the smaller kitchen on a daily basis.
Grand Sales /Sky Scraping Sales/Eminence in Sales
Offering the grand advantage of no commitment in sales, Prince Paan would offer you the highest revenue share because “Sharing is Caring”. Infrastructure would enable you to nurture your business with maximum revenue per square feet.
Variable Models: Our Space standard specification would include the parameters for both the normal and niche customers along with tailor-made solutions.
Incredible Brand Presence: Effortlessly and relentlessly you get national and international brand awareness/acknowledgement by joining us. The superannuated legacy of Prince Paan would get you highest ROI with the lowest investment.
Transparency and Precision of Guidelines: We aim at creating master franchise with a central kitchen which will be solely responsible for delivering fresh raw materials to the smaller kitchen on a daily basis. We also take the onus in providing an intensive training at our flagship shop in GK
Preferred Franchise Partner Profile
  • Professionals from hospitality/F&B industry willing to be an entrepreneur
  • Entrepreneurs with good financial bandwidth to invest in the project
  • Sufficient backup and ability to sustain during gestation period
  • Existing unutilized facility located in an upscale market or high street
An Invitation to be a Franchisee
If you have the spirit of an entrepreneur, the zeal for growth, commitment for building a successful business and the ability to accept new challenges, the brand offers you the right opportunity. Prince Paan immediately gives access to a wealth of knowledge and experience that can be used for growth, expansion and smooth operation of the franchise.
Models Area Required Approx. Investment* Franchise Fee** Average Payback Period Agreement Term
Xxtra Chutni & Paan Takeaway 400 Sq. Ft. 35 Lakh 5 Lakh 2 Years, 1 Months 5 Years
Xxtra Chutni delivery 250 Sq. Ft. 24 Lakh 3.50 Lakh 2 Years, 0 Month 5 Years
Xxtra Chutni QSR 500 Sq. Ft. 31 Lakh 3.50 Lakh 2 Years, 5 Months 5 Years
Paan Guys 250 Sq. Ft. 24 Lakh 5 Lakh 1 Year, 9 Months 5 Years
Prince Chaat 150 Sq. Ft. 15 Lakh 3.50 Lakh 1 Year, 5 Months 5 Years
Prince Paan & Chaat 200 Sq. Ft. 28 Lakh 5 Lakh 1 Year, 11 Months 5 Years
Prince Paan 150 Sq. Ft. 16 Lakh 3.50 Lakh 1 Year, 4 Months 5 Years
*Approx. Investment includes Franchise Fee
Why Choose Prince Paan?
  • Brand legacy since 1965
  • Variety of Paan & snacks served at affordable rates
  • Celebrity preferred Paan shop
  • National and International presence
  • Lucrative franchise formats with impressive payback term
  • Comprehensive training & operational support by the brand
USP’s of the brand
  • Comprehensive Brand Support
  • Setup & Selection Assistance
  • Comprehensive Training Support
  • Process Management Tacking
  • End to end Marketing Support
About Franchise India
Franchise India is world’s leading fully integrated franchise advisory & partner development group with 2 decades of vast experience in franchising, licensing, deal structuring, market entry & business growth & execution services.
Our Key Success Factors
  • Full integrated franchise advisory group with an evolving global network of fast-growing franchise led economies
  • Best-in-class network of more than 1500 franchise advisors in India with an evolving Global network of business / franchise advisors
  • Multiple growth drivers in place
  • Stable, recurring fee-based revenue model with strong margins and cash flow
  • Asset-light franchise business
  • Committed & experienced leadership team
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Gaurav Marya
Chairman - Franchise India Group