Daily Newsletter | January 19, 2019
What to Expect from the Middle Market in 2019
If there’s a theme that captures how private and mid-sized companies may evolve in 2019, transformation rises to the top.
What's In Store For Fintech Sector In 2019?
Fintech is a hot topic these days. The sector is growing rapidly with startups gaining acceptance globally.
This Sector will Take Centrestage in Singapore This Year
Unicorns, million-dollar data centres, and mergers and acquisitions—these words sum up the 2018 technology scene in Singapore.
Why 2018 Was the Year of Transforming Messaging Trends
Developers had been quietly working away in 2018 as messaging volumes grow massively and conversational experiences continue to pervade every aspect of human existence.
Oyo's 8-year-old Journey is a Quintessential Indian Legend in the Book of Business World Stories
The intention of this timeline is not to applaud Oyo for its success. Enough has been said and done.
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