Daily Newsletter | July 22, 2019
The Impact Investor
Through Menterra Social Impact Fund, Mukesh Sharma invests in social enterprises that are using the power of technology, to improve the quality of farming, healthcare and education in India..Read more
7 Ways For Budding Entrepreneurs To Set Up Furniture In Their Co-Working Space
It is extremely important to reflect the type and personality of your business through your décor..Read more
Union Budget 19-20: Unleashing The Indian Entrepreneurial Spirit
It will be great if we have a blueprint like Israel – be it starting 1000 new companies with adequate funding, scaling to a crore-rupee of revenue and aspirations to build a profitable business by 2024..Read more
10 Cyber Security Best Practices for Your SMBs
Better be safe than sorry, yes, it is always good to be prepared for the worst as no one knows when attacks happen..Read more
How Gated Communities Are Overcoming Security Challenges in a Rapidly Urbanizing India
In addition to ensuring that only the right people are let in, this technology also ensures that guards can focus on their core jobs of managing security and ensuring safety..Read more
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