Daily Newsletter | July 26, 2019
The Home Curator
Jahan Tahiliani, son of celebrated designer Tarun Tahiliani, has overcome several dilemmas and moments of self-doubt to reach where he is today..Read more
Changing Tide of SaaS and Why VCs and Serial Entrepreneurs Will Love it
In such a crowded space, the scope for innovation or niche play will be very limited..Read more
Making of a Mega Basket as Spencer's Retail Acquires Nature's Basket
The Rs 300-crore deal of Spencer's Retail Acquiring Nature's Basket is expected to add muscle to Spencer in the western India market..Read more
Incubation Trends for Startup India
'Just like you can't get guaranteed results from them, set your expectations right from what you can provide them'..Read more
4 Location-based Aspects to Keep in Mind While Buying a Franchise
Think about what kind of experience your customer will have when getting to and entering your establishment..Read more
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