Hyperlocal 2.0 is a virtual conference that will be tailored to the needs of an increasingly technology-driven e-commerce community of India. This is where professionals and technology providers from around the country gather to network, share ideas, grow professionally, and discover solutions to today’s challenges.
From Mass to Micro Market: The Power of Hyper-Local In the wake of Covid 19, the power of going deep with hyperlocal audiences to build richer insights and stronger, more authentic connections has come to the core.
Session 1: How Hyperlocal Ecommerce is giving a revolutionized retail experience
Trends in Grocery, food, house care, personal care services post covid 19
How Local offline retailers and service providers can got a new lease of life for their business
A Hyperlocal Omnichannel Business : How a Hyper local Business model keeps your pulse on the consumer, especially for retailers that span multiple stores, states and countries.
The Tech and Mobile Application to Power a Good Hyperlocal ecommerce business model
Session 2: On-demand delivery : The Logistics of Hyperlocal
Just in time- Best Practices for building partnerships with merchants and delivery agencies