We follow them, watch every move they make, listen to every word they speak-the power of social media influencers is fascinating. Social media posts by influencers are not just for entertainment or fun, mostly these are messages-social, political or any other-for the follower tribe.

Keeping up with this new trend, brands are re-strategizing there outreach efforts and reaching out to these digital stars-the new-age influencer marketers.

Online is the thing and influencers understand it. From entertaining, sending out loud and clear messages to establishing brands, influencers have transformed marketing landscape. And the current COVID-19 outbreak has made them all the more relevant.
To understand how influencers have created their niche in the marketing space, join Entrepreneur India’s webinar on April, 30, 2020. Tune in and hear the popular faces talk about things you have always wanted to know.
During this Virtual Conference, we will explore:
Is it a vital tool for brands during COVID-19 and the post-COVID world?
Brands taking the influencer marketing route during COVID outbreak
Adjusting and transforming with the need and changing online space
Social responsibility
Will influencer marketing gain currency post COVID?
About Sejal Kumar, Fashion & Lifetyle Influencer
A regular student of SRCC Delhi who is now their notable alumni, Sejal Kumar started her YouTube channel in 2014and her first videowas shot in Turkey. She chose to skip college placements and take up YouTube as a full time job. She journeyed across making YouTube videos for fun, eventually monetizing the platform that showcases videos of her singing, dancing, acting and creating fashion & lifestyle content.