Daily Newsletter | July 30, 2019
How Has Chandigarh's Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Grown Over Years?
The Vice President of Chandigarh Angels Network, Vineet Khurana discusses how innovative businesses are mushrooming in Chandigarh and what makes the ecosystem so unique...Read more
Emotional Intelligence: A New Skill to be Added at the Workplaces
People with higher emotional intelligence prove to be more successful in life because they understand the sensitivity of other's sentiments and make them feel good and comfortable..Read more
Changing Tide of SaaS and Why VCs and Serial Entrepreneurs Will Love it
In such a crowded space, the scope for innovation or niche play will be very limited..Read more
Why Entrepreneurs Need to be Good Managers and Great Leaders
Did you know, 23per cent of the businesses fail because they don't have the right team!..Read more
Impact of GST Advance Rulings
This allows the taxpayer to ascertain the tax treatment of a transaction before undertaking it..Read more
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