Feb 16, 2017
Social Entrepreneurs
Care About CSR in Education? 3 Industry Players Suggest Ways
Since the time 2 percent of Corporate Social Responsibility for companies has been made mandatory by the government.With a lot of schools, institutions, coaching and training centers mushrooming nowadays, education has not just remained confined to knowledge and ideas. The sector read more...
Mobile Gaming
Investors Eyeing Indian Gaming Industry. Thank Smartphones!
The youth population of the world is hovering to become part of one of the world's leading gaming sector. The mobile gaming industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. From the past few years, mobile games have become the entertainment of choice not only read more...
Why Finding a Mentor Should Be Your Life Goal
Recently I delivered a session on identifying the right mentors for your startup during the IIT Mumbai E-Summit. It gave me an opportunity to address over 20,000 students. Talking to students who were just finishing their engineering and those who were right now read more...
#6 Steps to plan a Worthy and Successful Webinar
An effective Webinar can help in enhancing brand awareness, growth and exposure in the market and create business deals. A Webinar is usually a seminar which is conducted over the internet to an audience who may be sitting in the comforts of their offices or their read more...
How to Build an Intrusive Model to Connect with Mobile Audience
What if, for every advertisement that you saw on the tube, you were instantly gratified. And every time you had the chance to get something ranging from online gift vouchers to expensive branded products like motorbikes, smart watches, smart televisions read more...